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The worst thing about make up is…..

June 2, 2010

…cleaning brushes.  Ugh I really hate it, it takes so long, turns my hands into prunes, the brushes take ages to dry which means it can’t be done last minute, so I have to be prepared and organised which I most certainly am not and it has to be done so often.  One thing that makes it a little bit better though is my new trick.  Instead of using shampoo to clean my brushes, I’ve started to use Fairy Liquid! Cheap as chips, antibacterial and smells lovely.  And the best part is that for some unknown reason, it magically makes the brushes dry so much faster, result!

I still have to deep cleanse with alcohol and condition them, but fairy liquid is the perfect quick solution for inbetween those times.  Another little trick I found out about from another make up artist while on a job recently was instead of buying expensive brush cleansing wipes or spray, to use bleach free household cleaning wipes for spot cleaning (obviously this won’t remove all the nasties, it’s just a quick fix).  This is something and definitely going to look into and will report back!

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